Fun Factory NOS vibrační erekční kroužek

Looking for a toy that will intensify your sexual playtime? Look no further than the Fun Factory’s NŌS vibrating erection ring! Designed with long protrusions that stimulate the clitoris and an internal shape that mimics the shape of a penis, this waterproof toy offers five vibration modes for a wild ride. Plus, it’s easily put on and removed thanks to the silicone material, making it perfect for adventurous couples craving intimacy and intense trembles.

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Fun Factory’s NŌS vibrating erection ring is an innovative toy that will enhance your sexual playtime. The anatomically shaped design with long protrusions that stimulate the clitoris makes for a great guide towards orgasm. This toy is perfect for adventurous partners who crave intimacy and intensifying trembles that will fill both their bodies.

The designers at Fun Factory understand that penises aren’t perfectly round. So, they created the internal shape of the ring to mimic the shape of a penis. This has resulted in special pressure points on the underside of the ring that helps increase blood flow to the penis. Additionally, the ring fits comfortably and is easily put on and removed, thanks to the silicone material.

Two vibration motors located at the tips of the protrusions create strong vibrations that you’ll both enjoy. The five vibration modes include four gradually intensifying vibrations and a fifth mode that alternates between different intensities with a pulsing rhythm. Whether you’re sensitive or looking for a wild ride, there’s a vibration level for you.

As a waterproof toy, you can take it with you into the bath, shower or hot tub. It also has a silent motor ensuring it won’t arouse any unwanted attention. You’ll appreciate the modern features of the product, including the Click ‚n‘ Charge USB charger. However, the only downside is the control panel, which might take a slightly harder press but is a minor issue.

Overall, it’s an excellent toy for adventurous couples, with an innovative design, multiple vibration modes, and waterproof capabilities.


  • Aby se kroužek ovládal, je nutné použít silný stisk na ovládací panel.

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Vibrační s pulzními programy


Sex v koupelně


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8 cm

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3,5 cm

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4,2 cm